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Pragati – Vellore Taluk Project – Executed through World Vision

Phase II

  • Access to Drinking Water.
  • Development of Computer Education & Library (Setting up Infrastructure for effective Education.

Baljyoti – Dyaneshwar Nagar, Mumbai – Executed through World Vision

Proposal was towards:

  • Establish Computer lab by providing of 5 computers to schools
  • Infrastructure development for computer lab
  • Support for Bench/Desk
  • Personality development programme for 100 children

Proposed program is to improve the standard of those families, which are highly vulnerable in the community and are on a verge of perishing. These families will be focused to provide assistance to make their livelihood sustainable.

Creative Learning – Executed through Agastya International Foundation

Proposal was towards:


The Google Global Impact Award winning TechLaBike is a revolutionary program that brings science education and digital literacy to the doorstep of the village school. The TechLaBike project is an innovative outreach mechanism comprising of an Agastya trained instructor who reaches schools on a motorbike equipped with a ‘Lab in a Box’ (LIB) and an Internet enabled laptop. The LIB is a set of 10 theme-based boxes covering a variety of topics in science, aligned to the school curriculum. Each box contains low cost, teaching aids and science models that enable hands-on learning. Laptops are used to provide additional enrichment namely through simple mouse-based science games, quizzes, language neutral videos and multimedia conferencing. Vibrant and rich learning afforded by hands-on science models blended with Internet Resources present a significant improvement over the normal learning experience of the child. The Agastya instructor travels to a set of 18 schools and engages children in digital literacy and hands-on science experiments.

Reach and Benefits of the TechLaBike

  • In one year, each TechLaBike will reach 18 schools with a strength of 40 children and 2 teachers per class.
  • The TechLaBike is capable of a total of 7,200 high impact exposures* per year.
  • A network of schools that are otherwise remote and inaccessible is created through many levels.
  • Sharing equipment and digital resources across multiple schools, significantly reduces the cost of the program.


Program Exposures per annum
TechLaBike 7200

CSR – Volunteering Activities


  • Participated in Chennai Coastal Cleanup Activity conducted by Chennai Trekkers on June 19, 2016. Team dedicated
  • Participated in a Volunteering activity in Pediatric Ward of CANCER INSTITUTE (W.I.A), Adyar, Chennai 20. Spent time with the kids and played with them. Team dedicated 10 hours of volunteering time.
  • Kalakkal Café at Vidya Sagar – SQS Volunteers spent time with the students and Alumni members as part of a social get-together – 15 hours of volunteering time.

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