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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SQS BFSI is about how we manage our impact on society and the environment. The activities in 2015-2016 were as follows.

Pragati – Vellore Taluk Project – Executed through World Vision

Phase I

  • Sanitation – Toilet Complex with Running Water.
  • Child Friendly Environment with Educative Wall Murals.
  • Awareness for Adolescent Girls on Personal Hygiene.

Vidya Sagar

Supporting differently abled

  • Employee and Company Contributions – Monthly
  • Chennai Flood Relief Contribution
  • Employment Education Centre – Procurement of Machinery – Vocational Training
  • Endowment Fund Contribution 


  • Chennai floods had completely devastated their Kotturpuram facility and their entire basement classrooms had to be replaced with new educational tools.
  • Walls were all leaking, as the construction was old.
  • About 10 lakhs spent towards renovating the classrooms in the basement, towards arresting leakages in the walls and for painting work for the facility.
  • SQS had contributed to procure Machinery to prepare envelopes with adaptations to the Machinery for easy use by students.

Volunteering through Bhoomika Trust

Chennai Flood Relief Contribution was given to Bhoomika Trust.

Bhoomika Trust was set up in February 2001 and primarily works towards providing disaster relief and rehabilitation. The Trust has worked extensively with victims of natural disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat and the tsunami in South India. They continue their work in the area of providing educational assistance to children from underprivileged families and also facilitate assistance to other NGOs. 

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